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Diamond Inventory

Diamond Inventory Management

Diamond Inventory Software fully integrated stock and account management software for diamonds. It maintains your Inventory keeps track of your parcels, creates detailed reports, manages Sales and payments, creates barcode labels, highly flexible System for loose and Certified diamonds business.



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  • Small stones / Single stones - special features to support both ways of production environments.
  • Detailed history and transactions
  • Diamonds Documents - Purchase, Invoice, Memo, Broker and transfer to Branches.
  • Reports build in report generator for Sales, Stock and Purchase.
  • Barcode - for certificates.
  • GIA, EGL, IGI, HRD and other lab integration.
  • HRD Lab Data can be Fetched from Get Data.
  • In Stock Summary - Added Column for MEMO IN/OUT with the Party Name (For Parcel Stone).
  • In Memo Issue user now has the option of issuing stones of single and parcel both at a time.
  • Memo Printing.
  • For Parcel Stones - user can upload PARCEL STOCK(e.g. Opening / Purchase).
  • Secured and closed stock system designed for controlling multi branches and Multi Company's environment.
  • A Brand NEW User Permission and User Log detail has been given to the user.
  • A NEW Excel Format -- Excel Sheet for Single Stone Stock.
  • In Reports -- GST reports has been given in Purchase and Sales Report.
  • Broker Credit Note report given.
  • New excel sheet are given for export invoice.
  • Confirmation letter report given.
  • Multi Stock - manage Diamonds, Certificates, Gem stones and rough stock.
  • GST -- Detailed Transaction and Report.
  • Export / Import data to Excel, Word and PDF.
  • WEB sites integration (IDEX, RAPNET and more...).
  • Each Stone Offers Tracking Module.
  • Packet Printing.
  • Discount Master Sheet.
  • User-friendly stock and Transactions report generator define any report you want and save it for next use.


  • While Creating a NEW (Another) Company Existing accounts can be carry forwarded into the NEW company.
  • To help the user on Vatav entries we have given the Option of Vatav Round in Payment/Receipt. So, the user can check the Vatav effects in Outstanding and Ledger.
  • Total Accounting Integrated.
  • Multi Database - the ADIW software is able to simultaneously manage more than one operating unit or company.
  • User Friendly - easy to learn easy to use.
  • Offering different degrees of access to employees at various levels of the company.
  • Multi Database - the ADIW software is able to simultaneously manage more than one operating unit or company.

The above written points are some of the Main features Of the new version of ADIW 2.2.1